Sabtu, 07 Juni 2008


Constantini is a good name for Retret location in Sungai Ambawang. It takes 15 km away from Pontianak City.
We goes to Constantini at Saturday (7/6) for a special meeting talk about Tribune Institute. We want to explore so many thing about human resources in West Kalimantan espescially how to practiced excelent journalism. We discuss indeep about citizen journalism.
Citizen journalism more populer because Bill Kovack in new edition of his book said that not enough 9 element of journalism. He add one more. It is a citizen journalism.
AA Mering, Muklis and Tanto go with Me. We use motorcycle.
In a long street we saw a genuine nature. Green, clean, and favor of village flowers. This artery street will be a Trans Kalimantan broadway. Next time we think Ambawang growth as a new city.
Borneo Tribune try to be a citizen journalism paper. We make a grand design as a pilot project. The activity consist of two way. Direct and indirect. Lateral and structural. Indoor and outdoor. Education and culture. We hope, we'll be success.


thekupu mengatakan...

Ini yang dimaksud kemarin ya mas?

:D keren keren keren... a bit mistake kan ngetiknya waktu itu ga sama dini *nyehehe narsis is de way to be exist, mas! CAIYO*

Keep writing in English, for da first edition of English Day On Tribune, maybe ;)