Minggu, 09 September 2007

Service from My Doughter

Today I'm very very happy becouse my doughter, Ocha give me a new experience. She give me a cup of fresh water when I need it.
"You need a glass of water Pa?" Ocha asked to Me when we breakfast together last morning.
"Oh yeah," I said.
She move from hers chair in front of Me. She goes to dispencer. It takes 2 meters beside us. She takes a glass of water there. A few minutes later she comes. "Here father, your water," she said with a good smile.
This experience it's the first time to me. Becouse Ocha just now 4 years old. She still young, but has verywell attitude.
She's smile make me very strong today, to give a good services to others. I think, she's spirit of services make my few brightly. "Oh God, thanks alot. I have an excelent doughter."