Senin, 17 September 2007

I Feel Very Happy Today

Today I feel very happy. My work running well, even I have to go to Mempawah and Singkawang in fasting condition. Singkawang is the second big city in West Kalimantan. It takes 145 km away from Pontianak City. Mempawah is the munipical city in Pontianak Regency. Mempawah nearest in Pontianak. It just 80 km.
I go to Mempawah and Singkawang with my best friends, Hairul--Dedek-Mikrad and Rustam Khotib. We use Avanza. A small car but I feel very convenion.
In Mempawah we talk with Chief of Borneo Tribune Beareu Johan Wahyudi and Singkawang with Mujidi. We talk to many others too. They are legislators, some top leaders and so on. We talk about so many problems in West Kalimantan.
We go from Pontianak at 09.00. We arrive in Mempawah at 11.00 and till Singkawang at 15.00.
We move to Pontianak again it takes 16.30 WIB.
The weather so very clearly. I like it. I enjoy with this travel. I love traveling too.
As a journalist I get so many ideas. I tolk to Dedek and Rustam. And they gave me a good respons.
At 17.42 "azan" shouted from mosque. We stop in Sungai Duri. We broke fasting in Padang Resto. Oh...delicious! Sure!
We pray in our heart, "Thanks God with this foods, this verynice travel and doing an excellent work."