Senin, 27 Agustus 2007

Old and New with Hajj

In the last December 2006 I visited Meccaa and Madina Almunawwarah for doing hajj. Akbar hajj. Old an new. I mean last December 2006 and early of January 2007.
I went to Arafah with my wife Sri Andi Novita Oktavianti and my parent, H Hasan Har and Hj Halijah H Muhammad Saleh.

Doing hajj very-very interesting to me. Totally ibadah. Thoughtfully, sporty and freshy. I think hajj the same with super outbond training from God.
We doing thawaf in Ka'bah. Sa'i from Shafa to Marwah. Throw stone to the satanic in jumrah aqabah, ula and wustha. We drink zam-zam water. Eat kurma rasul and history pleisure.
I think hajj the same with super outbond training. Do you think so?