Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2007

Doing Well in Indonesia Independent Day

The most important thing when we remember about Indonesia independent day is what was we do in our country. I dont like to shout loudly about democration without doing well in our home, office or our neighborhood.

Practice more important than just a theory. Likely a big tree. Theory without practically in our life it seem like a big tree without flower and fruits. Not share a wide useful thing. What do you think?


indah mengatakan...

Sukarno says....
"Do you know what Indonesia is? Indonesia is this beautiful, strong tree. That blue, clear sky. That lazy cloud. It's this warm air. My friends, the roaring sea beating upon the shore at dusk is, to me, Indonesia's soul stirring in the thunder of the ocean
waves.when i hear the children laugh, i hear Indonesia. When i inhale our flowers, i breathe in
Indonesia. This what our lands mean to me" (SUKARNO,from SUKARNO: An Autobiography)

Happy Independence Day!!!!